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The Company has five main pillars of wisdom for our build - Data Integrity, Ease of Use, Scope of Data, Social Interactivity & Design  - which we believe are key to providing a useful and compelling service. And best of all, everything is free of charge.

Our streaming prices update a number of other metrics in real time, so users can stay abreast of the latest price movements. Our analysis shows users where Bitcoin is being traded and for which fiat countries and at what volumes - again on a real-time basis - you can switch easily between local currencies to get your own personal view of the markets you want to look at. Our goal is to give you the the whole market from all the markets.

We believe it is important to bring rigor and easily accessible information for new users looking to use blockchain technology. As such we provide guides of varying depth, from an in depth look at the maths of elliptic curve cryptography to how hashing actually work or to a simple look at what is money. Our forums users can interact with each other discuss the market and give their experiences on third party products or services in the space. For example we give users the chance to review wallets, exchanges or mining solutions for the benefit of other users.
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