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When do I get the product I ordered?

Maximum 10 days.

Which cargo company will ship the order?

Our company has contract with Mega Transpo Limited and Mega Ocean Freight Forwarder.

How do I know if the order is cargoed?

When your orders are delivered to our cargo, our system automatically sends the shipping information about your order to our registered e-mail address.

Also, when you sign in to my site, you can view your orders from the My Account section and instantly view the status of your order.

Will I pay any fees when I take delivery of the order?

There is absolutely no extra charge during delivery. Please contact us if you want any charge from the cargo officer.

What should I do if the order is faulty or wrong?

If your order is delivered to you by your cargo officer, you must check the outer pakage damage before taking delivery, and in case of any damage, you need to prepare `Damage Detection Record`. Another point you need to keep in mind about the damage assessment statement is the clarifications that the cargo officers indicated in the minutes. For example, `There is no damage to the column. The product is damaged. "A record such as' is interpreted as the product is not damaged during transportation, causing problems during the exchange. For your damaged product, you are absolutely obliged to keep full and accurate memorandum.

(Ex: The product was found to be inspected and damaged when it reached the elixir.)

If you notice any damage after you have received your order, you should immediately inform the cargo dealer and ask for assistance in preparing the damage report. If you do not get the necessary help from the cargo station, we ask you to give us information.

As a result of preparing the cargo officer's statement and delivering the product to us, your exchange transactions will be completed quickly and your party will be informed.


IMPORTANT: You must send us your damaged product reaching your delivery company.

My bill was not delivered with my order. What should I do?

All the orders delivered by cargo are delivered to the cargo company by invoice and by invoice.

Our official invoices are an integral part of your order. Your order is delivered to you in a transparent plastic pocket bag outside your order's order.

If for any reason the cargo company does not deliver the invoice to you within this pocket, please remind the cargo owner and insist on it.

Please keep the minutes and let us know about the invoice that can not be delivered despite all your requests. As soon as possible the cargo company will be provided or a copy will be sent to you as a stained copy.

Did not all the products in my order reach me?

If you have more than 1 product in your order, our submissions can be done in pieces.

The number of products that you receive with the number of products must be the same. Separate invoices are issued for each shipment.

If the products mentioned in the order are not found in the pakey, ask the cargo officer to keep a record and contact us.

What if there is no one on the floor at the time of delivery?

If the cargo officer can not find anyone in the address, he leaves the "Cargo Notification Note" and brings the cargo back to the branch. In this case, the buyer must buy it from the branch within 3 days by the buyer.

Can I change the buyer's name or address after placing an order?

If your order has not been shipped yet, you can change the buyer's name or address. The cargo officer who will arrive at your address will make a delivery of your name given by doing an ID check.

What should be taken into account during cargo delivery?

You can open and check the cargo package after you have signed the delivery receipt if you want to receive the products from your order while you are at your side. If there is any mistake or missing in the package contents, you can send back the information to us or give us information.

If you have any problems with the cargo officer in such cases, we would like you to inform us immediately. The necessary intervention from us will be done as soon as possible and your problem will be resolved.
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